CSLIT – November General Assembly


November’s general assembly started off with a CSLIT tradition: dancing wavin flag. After dancing, Faith Ambassador, Chloe Paganiban (Grade 10, Blessed Cardinal Newman) leads us in prayer followed by a discussion around November’s virtue of the month, peace.

Student Leaders performing Waving Flag


Virtue of the Month


Board Welcome – Model City Hall

Sini from Model City Hall attends our GA to let everyone know about the opportunities that Model City Hall has to offer. By joining a subcommittee with Model City Hall, students are able to voice their opinion with others on important subjects regarding Toronto.


Contact Information

 Email: contact@modelcityhall.org

Facebook: Model City Hall

Twitter : @modelcityhall

Instagram: @modelcityhall

Here are some of the schools that attended

Schools perform a cheer when called upon for attendance, a tradition at every general assembly.

Guest speaker: Greg Rogers

Superior North

Greg Rogers invites members of CSLIT, to recall their experiences from the Superior North trip and share it with the student leaders to get them interested in attending this year.

Ice Breakers

The students participated in several ice breakers outside the board room to get them on their feet. After finishing a game of the West Wind Blows, Michael Consul (fresh from SMILE Camp) instructed  everyone to walk around the room, and high-five the people around them. When instructed, leaders had to find a partner and list their and engage in a conversation. Michael linked this activity to the virtue of the month and how PEACE has to start with an open conversation.


Vincent Nguyen – Mind Matters


Vincent Nguyen (Grade 11, Chaminade) brings awareness to mental health issues through the arts. He is looking for students interested in joining his initiative of planning an event for the upcoming school year.

Next Challenge: Build/Create a cool paper airplane.

It will be judged on creativity and length of flight.


CSLIT Movie Night: December 8th, 2017

Christmas Social: December 15th, 2017


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